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To challenge the status quo of English language testing and empower the test taker. We believe in fairness, accuracy, and accessibility of English language assessments and reports. We believe the assessment reports describe a training pathway for success that makes it possible for people to study or work anywhere in the world.

English Language Assessments

Seeking international talent, but unsure about their English language skills? No problem. PELMO’s English language assessment will measure speaking, listening, reading, and writing. This detailed report will outline a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, quick and easily!

English Language and Cross-Cultural Training

Better communication makes a better business. When you improve your office culture, you’re raising your employees’ confidence, increasing satisfaction, and helping your company grow.

Recruitment of International Talent and International Students

Looking to diversify your company, attract international students, or how best to find global talent? PELMO can help you find the best candidates and ensures you’ll receive the best advice possible.

Why Pelmo?

As people who have been in the international education and immigration industry for over 25 years, we understand how important it is to find the perfect international talent for your business and not have to worry about miscommunication in the workplace and with clients.

Global Reach

Affordable and Accurate

Flexible Testing and Training 

Fully Customizable

AI Powered Response Integrity

Under $200 CAD
Available 24/7
Technical support
Used by post-secondary institutions and businesses
Less than 90 minutes
Reports in less than 48 hours
Questions and topics include world-wide current events

PELMO’s assessments have been taken by people in more than

30 different countries


PELMO’s assessments and English language training have been


for many different industries, including various departments in healthcare, software development, business, and oil and gas (just to name a few).

PELMO can provide SAME-DAY REPORTS when you need the results fast

Private career colleges love PELMO because of the


PELMO assessments let the test-taker CHOOSE to answer the questions that most interest them

The PELMO online assessment was very user-friendly, and the topics of the questions were interesting. And I finished in less than an hour!

Jerald L., Philippines

The assessment questions allowed me to talk about many interesting things so I could speak and write a lot. I think this helped me to get a high score.

Sandra A., Nigeri

I learned new ways to sound clearer and more engaging when presenting in English.

Patricia L., Mexico

The speaking techniques, such as pausing and changing intonation, I can use in any situation when I have to speak English and I want to be engaging. The techniques really work!

Christian G., IJALTI, Mexico

The feedback provided by my instructor and classmates was really valuable. I can apply what I learned and I feel more confident when I speak English now.

Francisco M., Mexico