English Training

Do you have employees who do not speak up enough during meetings? Or who make mistakes when writing important emails and reports? Who lack the confidence to do more because of their English language skills?

Your business should not slow down – ever. English language and cross-cultural training can help make dramatic positive changes to your office culture and productivity. Communication improves, employee satisfaction goes up, and your company grows. And you are one of many growing companies that have included diversity, equity, and inclusion into your business. Contact us today for a free consultation on how small changes can greatly improve your office culture and thus grow your business faster.

Ask us about our flagship program for international businesses, “Train the Trainer!” and empower your organization from within. 


online, in-person, hybrid, mornings, afternoons, evenings, weekends


we work with you to design the most effective program that will show fast results

Skilled Instructors

Courses are taught by highly skilled and educated English as a Second or Other Language (TESOL) instructors

The PELMO online assessment was very user-friendly, and the topics of the questions were interesting. And I finished in less than an hour!

Jerald L., Philippines

The assessment questions allowed me to talk about many interesting things so I could speak and write a lot. I think this helped me to get a high score.

Sandra A., Nigeri

I learned new ways to sound clearer and more engaging when presenting in English.

Patricia L., Mexico

The speaking techniques, such as pausing and changing intonation, I can use in any situation when I have to speak English and I want to be engaging. The techniques really work!

Christian G., IJALTI, Mexico

The feedback provided by my instructor and classmates was really valuable. I can apply what I learned and I feel more confident when I speak English now.

Francisco M., Mexico